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This year has been challenging for us all, including rhinos and the people working to protect them. In southern Africa, where tourism and travel normally generate a significant portion of conservation funding, some reserves are now struggling to pay rangers. And as incomes decrease in rhino range states, we fear that poaching will increase.

In Asia, where Sumatran and Javan rhinos are barely clinging to existence – each species numbers fewer than 80 individuals – significant decreases in government and donor revenue are jeopardizing the work of the local anti-poaching teams that patrol rhino habitats continuously, even throughout the pandemic.

For almost thirty years, the International Rhino Foundation has stood by local communities working to protect rhinos and their habitats, and we’re not turning our backs on them now. Can you help us?



We urgently need to raise $500,000 by December 31st to ensure that critical rhino protection efforts will continue without interruption next year.?

In Africa, we’ve created the Reserve Relief Fund to pay for salaries and health and safety supplies for the dedicated men and women who continue to ensure that rhinos and other endangered species will survive.

In India, we’re providing emergency assistance to rangers battling the impact of the pandemic and record flooding.

And in Indonesia, where national park budgets have been cut by more than 50%, we’re funding 31 Rhino and Wildlife Protection Units – teams from local communities that monitor and protect all of the world’s remaining habitats for Critically Endangered Javan and Sumatran rhinos.


Your gift will protect the people who are protecting rhinos – and will ensure that endangered rhino populations do not suffer critical losses during this incredibly difficult time.

In IRF’s nearly 30-year history, we have never faced a year like this one, and your support has never been more crucial. While IRF prides itself on stewarding its financial resources with the utmost care, we face a tough road due to decreases in revenue and unexpected expenses, both caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A generous, long-time IRF donor has responded and agreed to match every gift you make, dollar for dollar, from today until December 31st. For the rest of this year, your gift will go twice as far and make double the impact for rhinos and the people guarding them.?


Your contribution is your personal statement that you are willing to stand firmly with IRF and champion the vital work that local people around the world are doing to protect endangered rhinos and their habitats.

Please join us and watch your investment pay off for rhinos and the people protecting them. We are stronger with you.


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